Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's Up!

Like the rest of you(except MAC fans who rejoiced at its failure) I was disappointed with Vista as well. However, I am really excited about Vista's successor Windows 7 (formerly called Vienna) which is due to launch in late 2009(yup...already). So why am I excited? Coz it's the first full-fledged PC OS to be released which has multi-touch feature.

Multi-touch is a feature which essentially allows direct human-computer interaction while keeping traditional input devices like mouse and keyboard out of the loop. Over the span of the last few years different techniques have been used to achieve multi-touch functionality - finger pressure, high speed camera captures, capacitive technique or infrared in conjunction with advanced image processing. For instance the Capacitive technique uses the capacitive nature of our body and the capacitive material on the surface to cause distortions in the reference field to pass positional information.

Here is a sneek peek at Windows 7

Video: Multi-Touch in Windows 7

Pretty cool right...maybe it's the harbinger of times to come when even even the office whiteboard will have multi-touch feature in them.


Vidyashankara Iyer said...

Multitouch is definitely cool stuff. Ballmer actually demoed it on the D6 Conference. It is definitely something that's missing in today's computers. I cant wait to demo windows 7 when its out.

MS really needs a big break. They havent really hit a jackpot since XP.

Smart Computing said...

Oh I totally agree. Vista has been a clear disappointment. A step backward in many respects. So hopefully Microsoft will redeem itself with W7.