Thursday, June 19, 2008

Heads up of the 2 COOLEST Phones in the Market: INSTINCT vs iPHONE

Just when I thought nothing could top $199.0 for a 8GB iPHONE, Sprint has launched the INSTINCT for a very affordable $129.0 (it uses MicroSDs for memory).

Let me first start of with some of the coolest features that I liked in the new INSTINCT.
- It's GPS works like a charm. It's fast, accurate and got cool features like ability to show lowest gas prices, instant traffic updates and voice search feature. Both the phones offer voice based directions.
- It's got the haptic feature...a very useful feature for someone with butterfingers like me.
- It's streams live video at a pretty decent rate.

Now for the iPHONE
- Apple seems to be one step ahead of the competition with the SDK(Software Development Kit). SDK provides the tools and technologies which will allow independent software developers to create and sell programs on the iPHONE. This is gonna take customization to a totally new level. For instance check out this video.

-The iPHONE has an unmatchable brand image that gives it a who new level of coolness factor.
- The GUI looks better in iPHONE though it's more practical in INSTINCT.

So in terms of features the two phones are pretty evenly matched. However, the real advantage that I feel INSTINCT customers would have over the iPHONE users is that Sprint offers the unlimited data plan for $99.99. No such offer is being made by AT&T(it only offers unlimited voice). Seriously, why would you bother to have a smart phone if there are restrictions on data usage. At the end, I feel if price is a factor or someone uses their smart phone efficiently INSTINCT is a better choice. If you wish to own a phone purely for the zaz factor then go for the iPHONE.

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