Friday, June 20, 2008

Useful Software Utilities - Part 1

This is the first of a many part series where I am gonna include applications which I feel are quite handy. I am NOT the equivalent of Indiana Jones in the virtual world. So it's not like I am going to discover some amazing applications you have never heard of. However, it's highly likely that there would atleast be a couple of applications in this blog that you might not have come across before which you will find quite handy. So here goes...

1. COMODO Firewall
Most firewalls cost you and if they are free they happen to be sub-standard. If you are looking for a quality, hassle-less, free firewall then COMODO is the one stop solution. It's got all the features you expect of a standard firewall. In addition to normal firewall features like preventing malware( term to describe malicious software like virus, trojan, rootkits, spyware) installations it also does automatic lab analysis of files it finds suspicious without affecting your applications and compromising your computer. It is also able to authenticate websites in real time. So why is a software which could easily cost you appx $75/year available free of cost? It's kinda complicated to answer and it's better described in the link provided above. But the one line answer is that Comodo gets revenue from websites or service providers who pay Comodo for getting themselves authenticated and hence become available to Comodo users.

2. Registry Cleaner
Fragmentation and Registry related issues are amongst the two most common problems which causes PCs to crash. I am no exception, I have run into all sorts of problems with my registry countless times and every time it's a hassle debugging it coz I know very little about registries and it's akin to shooting in the dark. Plus, messing with registry tends to have really bad repercussions. Which is why this handy piece of software is listed high amongst the must have applications. What the application does is scans the registry for problems and repairs them in two simple self intuitive steps. The application come with a couple of other features but for most part repairing the registry is what it's best at. If you think your registry is in excellent state then you are in for a surprise...

3. Switch Sound File Converter
If you are a music junkie like me it's possible you might have downloaded music files which are not really in the format you would like it to be. So here is a useful software which seamlessly converts audio files from one format to another. I am sure there are a plethora of similar applications out there, but I just happened to find this the fastest and most complete sound converter software. In addition to audio conversion it performs other features like Riping CDs and even Video Conversions as well. It's not free but I have repeatedly used the trial version for free.

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