Monday, June 23, 2008

Picture Perfect

We don't have 20yrs or a Billion dollars to immortalize our loved ones by creating a Taj Mahal, so ordinary mortals like myself take refuge in photos to capture moments of joy. However, many times - photos end up slanted, contain red eyes or are poorly lit. Thus far, we have overlooked these flaws. However, we now have an option to salvage these pictures and make them "Picture Perfect" using software editing tools like Picaso(Bless u Google) which is extremely self-intuitive.

Here are some of the cool fixes you can do with Picaso
Remove Slants: Basic Fixes -> Straighten
Remove Redeye: Basic Fixes -> Redeye
Brighten dark Photos: Basic Fixes -> Fill Light
Darken Photos: Tuning -> Shadows
Simulate time of the day: Tuning -> Color Temperature
Make it B&W: Effects -> B&W
Tint it: Effects -> Tint
Crop Photos: Basic Fixes -> Crop (good bye Windows Paint)

Picaso also offers a wealth of other options. Now you can modify and frame your favorite picture sitting in the comfort of your home taking all the time in the world & free of cost instead of being in the mercy of photo shops.

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