Sunday, March 28, 2010

Avoiding penalties when prematurely terminating cell phone service agreements

This is going to be a short post and not really a geeky one.

If your unhappy with the quality of service you currently get out of your cell phone service provider and you wish to change your cell phone provider without paying any penalty then you may do so by swapping your agreement on the website

It also provides a place where you can get a 12 month contract.

Note: Fortunately I have never had to terminate my cell phone contracts prematurely and hence have never used the website myself. I would suggest checking out checking out reviews of earlier users of this website before swapping your agreement.


Anonymous said...

You can usually terminate a contract a few months early with no penalty. I did this and went over to a Net 10 prepaid contract, where I Pay 10 c per minute and with no extra charges.

VBR said...

I did not know that. Thank you for sharing this piece of information.