Sunday, March 21, 2010


Pivots is a truly ground breaking application developed by Microsoft Live Labs which presents users a new way of viewing and filtering data. It’s essentially a browser which is built on top of IE 8 and combines Sea Dragon technologies (Photosynth and Deep Zoom) to create a truly interactive interface.

The information which is seen in this video are essentially collections. Collections are stored in CXML (Collection eXtensible Markup Language) files and the DZC (Deep Zoom Collection) images. You can create your own collections by following the instructions listed here –

However, as is the case with any new technology, there is always a caveat, though nothing too inhibiting. The system requirements to try out Pivot are as follows:
- OS must be Vista or Win 7 (Recommended) with Aero enabled.
- At least a 2GHz processor
- You need to have IE8 installed
- You need to have a good graphics with atleast 256MB memory
- You will need .Net 3.5 SP1

Soon, in summer 2010 Pivot will be available in Silverlight which will allow Pivots to be embedded on their websites.

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