Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sixth Sense Technology

Sixth Sense Technology is the brain child of Pranav Mistry. Pranav was working with Microsoft in Hyderabad India before heading to US to do his PhD at MIT.

Sixth Sense Technology uses three main components – A camera, a cell-phone and a projector. The user is able perform a plethora of incredible acts using the Sixth Sense Technology. The way these tasks are achieved can be broken down to the three main parts:

Part 1: The user wears colored caps. Gestures made via the fingers containing the caps are caught on camera and processed using Image Capturing and Visual Processing techniques to translate gestures into appropriate actions or commands. The camera also serves another purpose; to capture images of the object of interest.

Part 2: The video stream captured via the camera is then sent to the cell-phone which uses the power of cloud computing to garner relevant information.

Part 3: Projecting the processed information onto a screen using the projector.

The simplicity of the idea of harnessing existing technologies to create something so powerful is truly remarkable. The other amazing thing about the Sixth Sense Technology is the short time span, 5months, in which the project has made such tremendous progress.

Of course it will still be a while before the technology is refined and shaped into a form where it’s marketable, but it’s always exciting to have a glimpse into what the future holds for us.

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