Sunday, November 9, 2008

Handy Shortcuts

If you love short cuts when using your PC or notebook them you might find these handy.

IE tips
Goto address bar: Alt+D
Show or Hide the search bar: Ctrl+E
Show or hide History bar: Ctrl+H
Add current page to Favorites: Ctrl+D
Toggle Full screen on or off: F11

Windows Programs
Open a new document: Ctrl+O
Move the cursor to the beginning of a document: Ctrl+Home
Move the cursor to the end of document: Ctrl+End

These shortcuts are the courtesy of “PCWorld”.

Note: I have not included the obvious shortcuts which most of us are aware of. If you would like to know about the whole range of shortcuts, email me or leave a note and I’ll post the remaining shortcuts.


_sneaker_ said...

Microsoft Office Word:
Uppercase/Lowercase: CTRL+Shift+A
Increase Font Size: CTRL+Shift+>
Decrease Font Size: CTRLL+Shift+<

NOTE: Make sure to select a text where a format will be applied.

If you want more shoot me an email

VBR said...

The Increase/decrease font shortcuts are handy. Thank you for your input.