Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Finally Google released the demo of Android. Android is an open-source Linux based software platform for mobile devices. The code is in a Java like language that utilizes Java libraries developed by Google. Android will support a variety of connectivity technologies including GSM, CDMA & EV-DO. A number of companies have shown interest in developing Android based smartphones. If I was a programmer working on Android this would freak me out. Just imagine trying to develop a code which has to work across all platforms and simultaneously cater to the needs of a plethora of smart phones from different companies. Now compare this with a team working on Apple’s iPhone. Their task is so much easier because they have to build an OS catering to the needs of a single hardware.

The four layers of the Android are - the Linux Kernel (basically drivers), Libraries, the Application framework (OS management) and finally the Applications themselves. It’s been developed by Google in conjunction with industry leaders like Intel, HTC, Qualcomm, T-Mobile & Wind River Systems. It being open-source means you can create applications for the platform using the Android SDK and win upto $10,000 dollars. Interestingly, the name Android comes from the start up company Android Inc which Google bought. Google has been working closely with T-Mobile and is scheduled to release Anroid based HTC phones in the 4Q of 2008.

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Spacer said...

Android looks great. I can keep on commenting about the features that are shown in the video. I can also talk about Google's business model. I can also suggest some applications, but that will making money for someone else. But I won't do all that. (Actually, I was faking, I am not good at what I said above.)
But here is what I really want to comment about. With the new generation phones, it should not be an issue, whatsoever, to put this system on phones. The only roadblock I see is the phone manufacturers mending to include this system. For example cellphone manufacturers like Blackberry, Nokia etc. boast of their OS's. So they might not want to include this system on their phones. Then come the phones like HTC, Samsung BJ, Palm and many others which roll out phones with Windows mobile on them. So that will definitely start a war between MS and Google for getting more and more cellphone companies under their belt. One thing that might happen is that cellphone manufacturers might start giving out phones with both the OS to choose from. And then trademarking the OS's might start (e.g.what Iphone did with AT&T).
May be I am thinking ahead of myself, or may be it is very obvious. But, I am glad that it is not my headache right now.