Saturday, July 12, 2008

BMW GINA Concept Car

Talk about thinking outside the box. BMW has released it's new GINA (Geometric and Functions in 'N' Adaptations - seriously why cldn't they come up with a better name) concept car at their museum in Munich. Unlike conventional cars, in GINA the outer material of the car is composed of a fabric thats pulled over the skeletal framework of the car. Electro-hydraulic devices controls the skeleton of the car and can be used to actually change the structure of the car. The elastic nature of the outer fabric has no qualms accommodating this change. This specialty can be used to adjust seat shapes, expose or close headlights and open hood at the center.

Apparently this car was developed 6 years ago and was kept in wraps until recently (wonder why!). Though I think it's pretty innovative, I still think GINA (plz change the name) will continue to remain what it is - a concept car.

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